Professional, high quality and regulated; our first aid training covers HSE requirements whilst ensuring due diligence is already done for employers. Since 2013 the onus has been on employers to work out what first aid training is required in their workplace, to ensure that the first aid training provider uses suitably qualified instructors and that the course content is suitable and valid. HSE no longer approves first aid training courses meaning that virtually anyone can claim to be running a suitable first aid course.

Using a regulated provider means that clients can be sure that the training they are undertaking is being taught by instructors who are qualified in both first aid and teaching. It means that the standards and course content are set and approved by an outside body. It means that the training is audited regularly to ensure consistent high standards.

The Wilderness Project provides regulated First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work and Outdoor First Aid qualifications. These qualifications are awarded by Qualifications Network UK and are regulated by Ofqual and Qualifications Wales. This means that employers can be certain that they are investing in valid training and that all clients know for sure that they are receiving quality instruction.

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