Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning some outdoor activities to celebrate this spooky holiday. While traditional indoor parties and haunted houses are always popular, taking the festivities outdoors can add an extra element of thrill and excitement. In this blog we’ll explore 5 outdoor halloween ideas that will ensure a hauntingly good time for everyone.

Haunted trail:

Transform your garden or a nearby wooded area into a spine-tingling haunted trail. Create a series of eerie scenes with spooky decorations, fairy lights and creepy sound effects. Invite friends and family to walk through the trail, encountering frightening surprises along the way. You can enlist the help of others to dress up as ghosts, zombies and other scary creatures to provide jump scares and thrills. Be sure to provide lanterns to guide your guests safely through the darkness.

Spooky jar lanterns:

Transform ordinary glass jars (such as mason or kilner jars) into eerie lanterns. Paint them with ghostly faces or cover them with orange and black tissue paper. Place battery-operated tea lights inside for a safe and flickering glow. Line your driveway or porch with these haunting lanterns.

Campfire ghost stories:

Gather around a campfire in the wilderness and tell frightening ghost stories. The natural setting adds an extra layer of ambiance to the stories. Make it even more memorable by roasting marshmallows for s’mores and drinking hot chocolate or hot apple cider. Don’t forget to bring along some lanterns or torches to create a ghostly glow.

Halloween terrariums:

The next on our list of outdoor halloween ideas is to create mini halloween-themed terrariums in glass jars or containers. Use small plants, moss and tiny halloween figures like skeletons or pumpkins. These little terrariums make charming table centrepieces or spooky accents for shelves and windowsills.

Halloween-themed photo booths:

Create a halloween-themed photo booth for fun and spooky pictures. Create a backdrop using natural resources such as branches and leaves, and decorate with fairy lights, pumpkins and other scary decorations. For added effect, dress up in frightening costumes and include props such as lanterns and cauldrons.