Whether you’re snuggled under a blanket looking at the stars or sheltering under the trees in the woods, campfire cooking is good for the soul. Here are our top 5 easy bushcraft outdoor cooking ideas.

1. Foil Packet Meals: Foil packet meals are an easy and fun way to cook a full meal over the fire. Simply wrap your choice of protein (e.g. chicken, fish, or tofu) with vegetables and seasoning in aluminium foil and place it over hot coals. The best part is that the clean-up is a breeze!

2. Campfire S’mores: No outdoor cooking adventure is complete without s’mores! Roast marshmallows over a campfire until they are golden brown, then sandwich them between graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. It’s a classic treat that is always a hit.

3. Skillet Cooking: A cast-iron skillet is a must-have for a bushcraft cooking kit. Use it to cook up a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs or fry up some fish that you have caught. This is a quick, easy camping, dinner idea that works if you are cooking for many or just for one.

4. Earth Oven/Hangi Pit: Also known as underground cooking, this involves digging a hole in the ground and building a fire in it. Once the flames have died down, wrap food, such as meat and vegetable, in heavy-duty aluminium foil and place it in the hole. Cover the hole with earth and let the food cook for several hours. When it is done, remove the earth and foil and enjoy the natural, earthy flavours.

5. Campfire Baking: Baking in a campfire may seem challenging, but it is much easier than you think. Make a simple bread dough with flour, salt, yeast, and water, wrap it around a clean stick, and cook it over the fire until it is golden brown.

Bushcraft cooking can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. These five easy ideas are a great starting point for your next outdoor adventure. If you’d like to improve your skills in sunny mid-Wales then join us on a bushcraft course. Happy cooking!