While being outside is great for our well-being, rainy weather often deters us from enjoying the benefits of the outdoors. Rainy days can be a disappointment, but it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. In fact, some outdoor activities can be even more enjoyable in the rain. Here are 5 fun and creative rainy day ideas to embrace the wet weather and still enjoy the great outdoor

Build a shelter

Building outdoor shelters, using natural materials, such as branches and leaves, can be a fun and practical activity for rainy days, providing protection from the elements while also allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the natural environment.

Create a dam

Creating a small dam can be a fun and educational activity, and is a great way to get kids outside in rainy weather. Simply collect some natural materials, for instance stones and sticks, and arrange them in a stream or small river so that they block or redirect the flow of water.

Go puddle jumping

Grab your waterproof gear, set out on a hunt for the perfect puddles, and let the fun begin!

Find a waterfall

Going to a waterfall in the rain can be a truly magical experience. Exploring waterfalls in the rain can be a bit challenging, as the ground can be slippery and the paths may be muddy, but the added adventure only adds to the fun! 

Go on a rain photoshoot

Our final suggestion for rainy day ideas is a photoshoot in the rain. A rain photoshoot can be a unique and creative way to capture the beauty of the rain, whether you’re photographing portraits, landscapes, or still life scenes. You may see different plants and wildlife that come out in the rain which may offer a fresh perspective on capturing stunning photographs. Make sure to bring an umbrella to keep your camera dry!

If you’d like to practice your shelter building, or improve your navigation skills to find those illusive waterfalls, then why not join us in Mid-Wales to develop your Bushcraft or Navigation skills surrounded by beautiful countryside and hopefully not too much rain!