Whether you’re counting birds for the annual RSPB birdwatch or you just like watching the birds do their thing, there are easy ways to make your outside space more attractive to birds. You don’t need a garden or loads of space, small changes can make a big difference.

1. Leave a wild patch – a small patch of long grass or an overgrown pot will provide a home for insects and therefore food for birds. Not all birds are keen on using hanging feeders so a space for them to stand and feed increases the variety of birds you might see.

2. Provide food – during winter food can be scarce for birds so seeds and nuts in hanging feeders will not only bring in the birds but also provide a spot for you to watch them as they gather. You could even make some feeders of your own!

3. Birds need water too – a safe place for drinking and bathing is essential for birds. You don’t need a fancy bird bath, a shallow bowl in a clear area with some pebbles in for standing on will work just fine. If you’ve got a bit more space then why not create a pond?

4. Raised eating for ground birds – some birds prefer to feed whilst standing on solid ground however scattering seeds and nuts across your garden isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. One solution is to install a bird table.

5. Somewhere to stay – if you’re keen on keeping the birds around then it might be worth investing in a nest box. Different birds have different nesting requirements so do a bit of research and tailor your next box choices to suit your garden visitors.

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