Real-time, intelligent and confidence building; our QCPR equipped resuscitation Anne’s give immediate feedback on your CPR effectiveness, helping you to adjust your compressions for a better patient outcome. The idea of using external chest compressions to restart a heart dates from the late 1800’s although they were not promoted for use until the 1960’s. At this time the Resusci Anne was created to train medical professionals and the public to deliver the newly developed Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation technique.

With their lifelike anatomy these manikins have now become synonymous with first aid training and come in a number of sizes, from baby to adult, in order for learners to have the most realistic experience possible. The latest development of QCPR enables users to monitor their compressions and gives guidance as to the speed and depth, and therefore effectiveness, of the CPR being delivered. Tech inside the Anne sends information via Bluetooth to the linked device showing the information clearly and instantly on a screen for the user to view.

The Wilderness Project provides different size Annes’ appropriate to the training given. We use QCPR equipped Annes’ together with the QCPR Training App to ensure our learners have maximum opportunity to improve the effectiveness of their compressions. All participants on our courses will use QCPR to monitor, progress and improve their CPR technique using the immediate feedback given.