Practical, beautiful and efficient an upside down fire could save time and effort when setting up your site. This tried and tested method of fire-lighting produces a fire that can burn for hours once lit, with no additional poking and prodding. An upside down fire also produces less smoke and burns down to almost nothing making best use of the fuel provided. All in all, a great option that is often overlooked.

The trick to an upside down fire is all in the careful building. Each layer then drops embers on the already warmed fuel below which ignites and continues the burn. The excellent combustion means fantastic coals, very little waste and a toasty, warm fire with the added benefit of emitting far less pollutants than a traditional fire.

Laying an upside down fire couldn’t be simpler. Begin with your bigger logs, placing them close together to form the base. Set the next layer of slightly smaller logs on top, at 90 degrees to the base. Continue this upwards using decreasing sizes of logs, sticks, kindling and tinder, making each layer marginally smaller so the end fire resembles a pyramid. Now light your top tinder and watch your upside down fire burn.

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